The restaurant

Typical local and regional cuisine for Galbiate

At Prisma Farm in Galbiate, in the province of Lecco, you can expect the restaurant to provide you with typical local dishes, fresh pasta made by hand, and a wide variety of meats. You can choose to enjoy the classic mixed grill or go for our braised, roasted or boiled menu items, not just for pork or beef. We offer special traditional delicacies including deer, roe deer, donkey and hare. All the meat we serve is sourced from local farms, who we have known and worked with for a number of years. These farms raise their animals organically.

Only fresh local produce

How can you resist the aroma and fragrance of good homemade bread made with organic flour? Our loaves provide the perfect accompaniment to the simple fragrances of the wood and our garden. We grow fresh seasonal vegetables organically. Be sure not to miss our carefully selected range of meats and cheeses that make our menu simply irresistible. They are served in delectable platters and accompanied by honey and homemade jams.

Wine and desserts

A hearty meal is not complete without a good wine, preferably enchanting and full-bodied. Much research has therefore gone into the house wine - a strong, bold Barbera wine full of personality. This is a wine that goes particularly well with our local cuisine dishes. Alternatively, there is always the full wine list. Even the most discerning of tastes are sure to be satisfied. Finish your lunch or dinner off in style. Choose from a wide selection of homemade cakes, as well as bitters and liqueurs produced by our company.

Call +39 334 9395403 to book a table

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